Well Seasoned Table

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To bring farm-fresh & sustainable wildcrafted seasonings to your table. We want to inspire people to sit around a table again. To enjoy time with their family as they experience ethically sourced spices that support not just one small business, but a community, yours. Our mission is to be the final step in bringing real food, from the farm to your table. Starts with a deep respect for this beautiful land and the extraordinary community that resides here. Why go to the other side of the world for herbs and spices when we can grow so many right here? When sourcing, our first stop is the Appalachian Mountains. We are proud to say that we source 80% of our ingredients from the Well Seasoned Table Farm, partner farms, and other small businesses in Appalachia. Most of our ingredients are either certified organic non-certified organic or sustainably wildcrafted. For more information, visit our website.

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  • Address 9 Glady Knoll, Candler, NC, 28815